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For copyright holders

If you are the owner of exclusive rights to any material, the link / links to which are on this site, and do not want this information to be distributed without your consent, we will be happy to assist you and remove the relevant links from the site.

To do this, you need to send an email in electronic form with the following information:

- A document proving that you have exclusive rights to the material posted on the website: it can be a copy with a seal or contact information that allows you to identify you as the owner of exclusive rights to relevant materials. All documents must be notarized!

- The text that you would like to place in an explanation to users of the fact of deletion of information from the site. It may contain information about where and under what conditions it is possible to obtain materials whose links were removed from the site.

- Direct links to resource pages, information from which is subject to deletion. Links should be of this type http://droidmod.pro/111111.html or the like

You will receive a response within a few hours or no later than 5 working days after sending the letter.

Send this information to the email address admin@droidmod.ru