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European War 6: 1804

European War 6: 1804
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European War 6: 1804 – Later the change of the English War conflict of Independency, the Gallic Revolution
broke away in Collection in 1789. The planet is almost to modify !
Napoleon, Duke of General, Admiral, Shoe, Kutuzov, Educator, Davout
and additional army geniuses desire get heroine in ever-changing this planet.

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More than 90 renowned encounter in 10 chapters
Declaration of Independency, Rule of Canada, Gallic Raptor, Sanctified European Imperium, Master in Asian Europe
Ottoman Imperium, Brits Imperium, Freeing of Southbound U.s., The Delivery of the Imperium, European Unification
Choose your generals and upgrade their standing and titles
Train the exclusive element, much as the aged protects, scots, dying's drumhead hussars, etc.
Build a castle and move the princess of everyone country
Train your blue and develop their skills


Build army installations and baby-talk choo-choo the units
Develop conurbations to breakthrough revenue, advance the state technology
Build a army college to survey several army tactics
Historical occasions desire concern the condition on the battlefield
Building prodigies desire take several superiority to the full country
The diplomatical process buoy let alliances to add the war conflict as presently as potential, or put off the enemy’s proclamation of war conflict on us
Declare war conflict on whatever nation or help comrade at whatever time
Choose hard or faint nation to objection dissimilar difficulties
Win with fewer age to move higher hits, range with additional participant in Google Frolic Games
If you achieve you buoy move a exclusive compensation, and when you achieve, you buoy unlock secret size

Download European War 6: 1804 - apk free download on android from the developer EasyTech you can on the links below. The version of this application 1.1.0 from 20-07-2018, 02:50. Pay attention to the android version of your device - this application requires android no lower than 4.4. Also in the download block there is a full version of the application, or a mod a lot of money.

What's new?
1. New Campaigns: The British Empire, The Liberation of South America, The Birth of the Empire, and Roman Unification
2. New conquests: 1812
3. New challenges: the Spanish war and the one hundred day war

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