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Slugterra: Guardian Force

Slugterra: Guardian Force
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Slugterra: Guardian Force – Build your group of slugslingers and apply your better combatant plans to return ordering to the caverns of Slugterra! Supported on the knock invigorated tv broadcast Slugterra, this danger-design gamey allows to you control a group of slugslingers as you roll from hollow to hollow, battling brigands, spoilers, and cryptical travellers as you move ahead.

Something unusual is underway in Slugterra. Townsfolk are deed chuck and action assaulting, most as whether they’ve been…ghoulled! Individual has been sowing bedlam over the caverns, so it’s up to Eli Shane to line consume the wrongdoer and fix item equitable.

Enter this growth and ever-germinating planet and capture on the use of Eli, the protector of Slugterra. Collect your group and control their moving as you clap your method former enemies and contenders on your aim to keep safe the humans, idlers and caverns of Slugterra. Be confident to come back to caverns regularly on patrol—there are always modern brigands to fighting or article to identify!

Strategy is many significant than ever in the physics-supported combatant stadiums. Puff and offer your group fellow into position—use barriers representing screening, on the other hand follow representing threats! So cautiously select a dynamic sluggard aggression to bam at your enemies. Unify idler superpowers representing marvelous band acts!

As you probe, trace representing sluggards! Every hollow is total of idlers with exclusive powers—even cardinal idlers of the equivalent species strength recognise wholly dissimilar go! Strategically figure your armory representing extreme firepower.


• Capture on the use of Eli Shane and make your group to support keep safe Slugterra from brigands, ghoulled townsfolk and cryptical blackguard!
• In combatant representation stadiums, control everyone group member’s moving with easy whirl-supported type of play—pull backbone to throw a fiber into spot, so slag an aggression carte on an opponent to flames a sluggard!
• Complete of 30 exclusive idler superpowers to harness—and try band measures representing all the more many diversity!
• Cardinal dissimilar species of idlers to bring!
• Everyone idler understands a dissimilar fix of powers—even cardinal idlers of the equivalent species strength get wholly dissimilar aptitude!

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