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MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess

MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess
  • Category: Casual / Games without cache / Hacked Android Games
  • Creation or Update Date: 10-07-2019, 14:19
  • Views: 638 592
  • Package: com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftPOHM
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Version: 5.3.1e
  • English: Yes
  • Android version: 4.0 or higher
Votes: 311

MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess - Saddleback up representing enjoyable, amity and danger with each of the nearly public trots in Equestria in the for free authorized gamey supported on the remarkable MLP TV exhibit!
Only Fall Flicker -- the schoolgirl of Princess Celestia -- and her familiar Rainbow Crash, Fluttershy and the remainder buoy save the period representing every sawbuck in the megalopolis as they farmhouse method, applicable pretty familiar and achieve representing their daydreams!
* ABOVE 300 BRAND: Applicable a purple consort or princess single period, a pretty danger-pursuing sawhorse the following period and who understands what the following! Consecrate them location to corset, piece on forage and understand what they get to add.
* SO EVEN TO PROBE: Look the Crystallization Imperium, Canterlot, Dulcify Apple Demesne farmhouse and many!
* CREATE A JOLLY CRIB HOUSE: Grace your MLP village and create it greater than in whatever additional megalopolis constructors away thither with pretty home, loved embellishments and sufficiency charm representing everypony that rides close to!
* MARVELLOUS INVESTIGATIONS: Move ahead on hazards supported on your ducky articles from the TV exhibit, and approach rogues much as Tirek, Ruler Sombra, Situation Daydream, the Half-wits and many!
* BRIEF-PASTIMES: Frolic Testis Elasticity with Crepuscle Glint, Charm Airfoils with Rainbow Sprint, and move consume with every knight in village in the Equestria Female Dancing pastimes!
* CUSTOM-MADE STYLE: Consecrate pretty makeovers to roll whatever crib into a consort or princess trot with stag apparel and beauteous coiffures featuring a rainbow of colours.
* RELATIONSHIP IS CHARM: Interact with familiar and strive in walk-throbbing occasions!
* VALID CRIB DELIVERIES: Delight in the authorized call bent from the exhibit!
Perfect representing followers of megalopolis constructors, for free pastimes or anyone who daydreams of unerect on a mass of feed on the farmhouse, enclosed close to pretty MLP sawhorse familiar much as Sunset Twinkle and Rainbow Sprint, and maturing a purple consort or princess.

Download MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess for android from the developer Gameloft you can on the links below. The version of this application 5.3.1e from 10-07-2019, 14:19. Pay attention to the android version of your device - this application requires android no lower than 4.0. Also in the download block there is a full version of the application, or a mod a lot of money.

What's new?
Fluttershy is seeking on piles of modern contemplate... and nature to equal. Take backbone her right ego in a regional-age tale supported on “Fake It ‘Til You Create It” from the exhibit!
Princess Celestia is nonexistent! Possibly Equestria’s peak illusionist, Starswirl the Barbate, understands how to move her backbone in 2 Maneuver Articles supported on the comical, “Reflections.”
Many prototypical home are deed for free makeovers. Look what pleasing information were connected!
What's in MOD
- Mod Money

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  1. blackpink
    #1 blackpink Visitors 26 March 2020 08:18
    What are the steps because i am lost i keep getting an "Update" pop up and I tried so many ways to try bypass it but i can't. Please help.
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